Facilities industry

  • Creating Power BI dashboards
  • ETL Microsoft SSIS packages with Visual Studio
  • SQL Server database management
  • Database Modeling with PowerDesigner


Recruitement Industry

  • Creating Power BI dashboards
  • SQL Server database
  • MySQL database
  • Azure Cloud


Automobile Industry:

  • Qlikview dashboards on ICT Support helpdesk
  • Qlikview Dashboard on Production




  • Artificaial Intelligence project on catering
  • Databricks integration
  • SQL Server
  • MS Azure


Automobile Industry:

  • Qlikview dashboards on ICT Support helpdesk
  • Qlikview dashboard on logistics
  • Qlikview Dashboard on Production
  • Cleaning up dirty Qlikview server environment



Automobile Industry:

  • Dashboard on Warranties
  • Dashboard on Sales Field Dealers
  • Solving slow reload issues



  • Creating library system for Qlikview Dimensions
  • Helping internal Developmentteam on “best solutions”


Race Bike Industry:

  • Dashboard on Sales on Navision 2009 and 2016


Electronics Multinational:

  • Setting up guidelines on Qlik Environment in Amazon Cloud
  • Supporting management team in India


Pharma Multinational:

  • Server Inventory
  • File Transfer with s3 Bucket
  • DEV-ACC-PROD environment
  • Publisher Distribution
  • Load Balancing
  • Ports
  • NPrinting
  • Amazon Cloud Environment
  • Qlik Services
  • EDX Triggers
  • Deploy Server and Folder Structure
  • Qlik Sense Server

Pharma Multinational:

  • Monitor your environment
  • Server Updates, patches, downtime
  • Network performance

Pharma Multinational:

  • Common Data Management
  • Universal Qlik Documents
  • Procedures to change from environment
  • Where developing

Pharma Multinational:

  • Profile of a Qlik Server Admin
  • A Developer Starts/Stops
  • A Qlik Admin Starts/Stops
  • An End User Starts/Stops
  • Support: Level 1, 2 and 3



  • ETL to feed existing dashboard (Lintao)
  • Dashboard on Delays
  • Dashboard on Movements
  • Dashboard on Safety
  • Dashboard on Missed Approach
  • Dashboard on Finance
  • Dashboard on Fuel Consumption and Noise
  • Dashboard on Projects
  • Dashboard on Quality
  • Dashboard on Communication and Press
  • Dashboard on HR




  • Dashboard on MIFID
  • Dashboard on Fund Release
  • Dashboard on Open- Close contracts
  • Dashboard on Management of “Returned Mails”
  • Dashboard on Accounting in Branch
  • Dashboard on Manage Appointments
  • Dashboard on Manage Security Modules (UCR)
  • Dashboard on Login on to a Channel
  • Dashboard on Manage and control Archiving
  • Dashboard on Manage Complains
  • Dashboard on Manage Campaigns
  • Dashboard on Inbound Calls and Emails
  • Dashboard on Pay Sourcing
  • Dashboard on HR absenteeism, Availability
  • Scripting in VBS to export Qlikview Charts into Excel or PowerPoint automaticly


Startup own Company:

  • All the activities to startup a company. Accounting, Insurance, Business plan, Financial plan, V.A.T., certification to startup company,…




  • Converting Home Made local Qlikview applications to run on server environment.



  • Giving Qlikview training “Designer”
  • Giving Qlikview training “Developer”



  • Dashboard on “Smart Meters” deployment



  • Dashboard on Finance based on Navision
  • Qlikview Server Environment for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) of 24 servers in the Amazon cloud. Setup, Maintenance, Tuning, Monitoring,…



Automobile Industry:

  • Dashboard on Forecasting: Developing of interface in SQL server (triggers & stored procedures) between Qlikview, KliqPlan and mainframe


Meal- and Service Vouchers Company:

  • Dashboards in 4 languages
  • Complete management system on vouchers



Race Bike Industry:

  • Dashboard on Sales
  • Dashboard on Supply Chain
  • Dashboard on Production
  • Dashboard on Finance
  • Dashboard on Forecast
  • Development of complete forecast system on SQL Server


Speaker Sound Systems industry:

  • Complex dashboards on a wide range of unstructured data sources



Newspaper Media:

  • Restructuring of a cluttered Qlikview Environment
  • Qlikview Environment upgrades
  • Dashboard on Advertising
  • Training


Real Estate: Thailand

  • Dashboard on holyday renting


Bailiffs Office:

  • Dashboard on bailiff ERP system


Telecom Industry: Egypt

  • Pre sales and Advise on Qlikview implementation



  • Full study from A to Z + presentation to management to be a Qlikview Partner


2011 - 2008

Telecom Industry:

  • Setup Qlikview Server/Publisher environment
  • Security Management Server Monitoring (memory, CPU, LAN, use License).
  • Training
  • Development of metering data on Teradata database


Sheltered Workshop:

  • Dashboard on Finance


Law Office:

  • Dashboard on productivity


Flower Industry:

  • Dashboard on Auction
  • Dashboard on Stock


Food Industry:

  • Dashboard on Finance (Exact Globe, Access Accounts, Navision, SAP)
  • Dashboard on Production (In / Out)
  • Dashboard on Stock, Cold Stores
  • Dashboard on Tracing
  • Dashboard on Quality
  • Dashboard on water, electricity, gas consumption
  • Research data structure of unknown database


2008 and Before...

  • Network Administrator (Novell / Windows)
  • Database Administrator (SQL Server / Oracle / Sybase)
  • System Administrator (ERP, HR, Finance)
  • Network cabling, Hubs, Switches, Routers