Our main target is to understanding business processes make them clear for end users.

We see ICT as an added value for the business end user.

We make the difference with well structured projects.

1) Listening to the customer
2) Analysis of business processes
3) Analysis of available data
4) Development
5) Testing
6) Documentation
7) Training
8) Version management

Additional we setup and maintain the server infrastructure in your network and monitor the whole environment on performance, system resources and dashboard usage.


And MyEyeSeeT does more...

MyEyeSeeT is more than a software developer company.

We have the knowledge of Windows networks, management, security and troubleshooting. And this both on software and hardware level.

MyEyeSeeT staff are "data lovers" from a single Excel sheet to a "Big Data" database. And MyEyeSeeT can help you in optimizing your business processes and how to manage your administration as wel.

MyEyeSeeT connects people, processes and computersystems.

We help your business to make more profit.